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We Lead For Safety:  Take the Pledge

Leading for safety is a daunting challenge that requires strength and courage. Committed leaders lead with intent.  They set the purpose and direction within their organizations—they lead for zero harm.  Committed leaders do not allow for delays or excuses. Instead, they are ready to strategically face areas of improvement, and are eager to assess and sustain a culture of safety. In the healthcare industry, with lives on the line, every step to reduce medical error must be taken with purpose and direction.

Take the Pledge

“Healthcare is one of the most complex industries in our world. Amid all of the pressing priorities, we must remember that the elimination of harm to our patients and workforce is our foremost moral and ethical obligation.”

—Gary S. Kaplan, MD, FACMPE
—Charles D. Stokes, RN, BSN, FACHE
Co-Chairs of the Leading a Culture of Safety Project

By pledging to lead for safety, you join a community of healthcare leaders who are committed to lead with intent, and prevention of unnecessary harm. Take the pledge today.

Assess your Organization’s Culture of Safety

The safety leadership journey requires that you continually assess your organization.  It’s important to know what strategies are and aren’t currently working for your organization. And, to periodically measure the pace and quality of your progress.

Taking the Culture of Safety Organizational Self-Assessment is the first step towards preparing to implement impactful, systematic change. Embark on the journey now.