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Culture of Safety Organizational Self-Assessment

Posted: March 2, 2018 at 3:37 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)
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Welcome to your Culture of Safety Organizational Self-Assessment

The questions in this self-assessment represent a selection of elements from the report, "Leading a Culture of Safety: A Blueprint for Success." This brief assessment may not accurately represent the full environment or state of each organization. It is recommended that teams review all strategies, tactics, and information in the full document for additional clarity and guidance.

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1. My organization's safety vision statement and aspirational end state are clear and consistently communicated.
2. My organization completes and reviews culture of safety surveys every 12-18 months with evidence of improvement.
3. My organization’s CEO and leadership team effectively build enthusiasm for and understanding of my organization’s safety vision statement.
4. My organization uses and regularly evaluates formal respect programs that provide education and support to patients and the workforce.
5. My organization implements workforce safety programs to reduce physical and psychological harm to the workforce.
6. My organization transparently shares information and metrics around harm events and action plans for improvement across our organization.
7. At all Board meetings in my organization, the amount of time spent reviewing and discussing a transparent dashboard on safety and culture is equal to or greater than time spent reviewing financial performance.
8. My organization’s Board members are required to complete regular self-assessments and education related to safety culture and quality principles.
9. Performance assessments and incentives for my organization’s leadership are inclusive of safety culture metrics and performance.
10. All leaders in my organization receive education and review opportunities in safety science and safety culture.
11. My organization has defined roles, safety competencies, and development programs for leaders at all levels.
12. My organization allows leaders opportunities for learning across departments and from outside organizations and industries.
13. My organization uses a defined just culture policy during all review processes and decisions (e.g. not just harm event review).
14. My organization regularly reviews metrics for just culture education and understanding and defines improvement opportunities.
15. My organization has one set of defined and employed behavior standards and accountability guidelines in place for all individuals, regardless of department, rank, or role.
16. My organization uses and regularly reviews a formal training program and defined processes for teamwork and communication.
17. Professional accountability standards, including processes to address disruptive behavior and disrespect, are implemented uniformly across my organization.
18. My organization has a program for recognition and celebration when individuals or teams excel at key safety behaviors and culture metrics.

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